Self Identified Transwoman in Single Sex Spaces (Women's changing rooms, women's prisons, and rape crisis centers.)

First, let me say this: my experience has been that the majority of transgender women just want to get on with their lives and feel safe. Most of these women respect the boundaries of what has been historically accepted single-sex spaces for biological women. Unfortunately, a few don't.

Many of us assumed that transgender rights were pretty much the same as gay rights. The right to marry, not to get fired, the right to housing, etc.

However, transgender rights and ideology differ from gay rights in many ways and have some very sticky edges where idealogy meets practicality.

In several countries and states, men can claim to be women through self-identification: no therapy, no surgery, no hormones needed.

As such, any man proclaiming themselves a transgender woman can enter a women's changing room and expose their male genitals to girls and women. Any man convicted of a crime could claim to be a woman and be moved into a women's prison.

Women warned that this was opening women's safe spaces to male predators and pedophiles. Critics laughed at these women, called them fascists and haters, and said that that would never happen except that it did.

In Canada, Britain, and the US, self-identified transwomen have exposed male genitalia to women and children in women's changing rooms, often with that creepy vibe that women understand and men don't.

Of the 50+ trans women in England's women's prisons for violent crimes, half have been imprisoned for rape or other charges of sexual violence against women. Sexual assaults by these prisoners on other women have taken place.

50% of biological women will have at least one instance of sexual assault in their lifetime. We've also had creepy men expose themselves to us, sometimes masturbating, sometimes not. We need those safe single-sex spaces to protect ourselves against men who predate. And yes, the majority of men are not predators, but this fact is often used to minimize the problem of women being sexually assaulted. We need policies and laws that protect us in the places where we are most vulnerable. When a biological male enters those areas, we have no idea if they are a transwoman or a predator, or both. We need another solution.

The rape crisis center in Vancouver was sued because they turned down a self-identified trans woman who wanted to answer phones from rape victims. The rape crisis center had no way of knowing if this was a genuine transwoman or a male who liked to listen to women tell their rape stories. They said no because they didn't want to risk retraumatizing a rape victim.

Biological women's single spaces need to be protected. Transwomen need safe spaces as well; those spaces don't need to be at the expense of safety for biological women and children.

Part of the argument for these policies is that transgender people experience more violence than nontransgender people, and that is true. However, if you remove biological males from the nontransgender pool, biological females still experience more violence, both sexual and nonsexual, than transgender women.

I think we should be able to talk about these issues without being labeled a TERF, a fascist, a transphobe, and a hater.,and%2010%20for%20attempted%20rape.