Three-Day Women’s ZOOM Writing Retreat! $50!
Hosted by author/playwright Dr. Ronni Sanlo

2023 is the year of YOU!
Write your story now! ZOOM WRITING RETREAT 3 days. Only $50!

February 10, 11, 12, 2023 (with a break for the Super Bowl!) 
Author and playwright Dr. Ronni Sanlo is again offering her three-day online writing retreat.

Ronni’s formula is a gentle method through which you may easily complete the story that has been hugging your heart and tugging at your brain. You are guided through the process of reviewing your entire life, then separating and focusing on those points that changed the course of your life. Perhaps you’re writing your memoir or fiction, a stage script or poetry. Perhaps your dissertation or professional article is looming or a technical book needs attention.

This is YOUR time to set aside everything that takes up your day and focus solely on yourself and your writing. Ronni will be doing the same along with you. So find a quiet, comfy space, grab your computer or a pen and paper, and let’s do this together. During the zoom sessions, we’ll talk about our call to write, igniting the writing journey with life’s turning points, the challenges and the adventure, and finally how to complete your process.

The date is February 10, 11, 12, 2023. You have a voice that’s demanding your attention. This is certainly as good a time as any to let it fly! You may register yourself or another (it’s a GREAT gift!) HERE

Send an email to me HERE for scholarship information. Special note: No refunds. If you cannot attend after registration, your registration fee will be used to support another person.

3 days. $50. February 10-13, 2023
Kelly, Strait Knot Productions, and I wish you a safe, healthy, fun 2023!
Sincerely, Ronni (310) 508-5963 [email protected]